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Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep Your Valuables Secure

If you don’t feel comfortable storing valuable items, documents or family heirlooms at home, a safe deposit box at Citizens Savings Bank is the solution. There are multiple safe deposit box sizes available.

Box Sizes:

  • 2x5 box = $8.00
  • 3x5 box = $10.00
  • 5x5 box = $12.00
  • 3x10 box = $15.00
  • 5x10 box = $17.00
  • 10x10 box = $31.00

Sizes vary by location and are subject to availability. Prices above will be billed annually. Please call any of our locations for additional information.

Additional costs: lost safe deposit box key -$15.00; drill safe deposit box- cost.

Please note: contents of safe deposit boxes are not protected or insured by the FDIC.